Saturday, August 24, 2013

Relaxing Saturday on Long Beach Island, NJ

We got on the road around 8 this morning and made it to Long Beach Island, NJ around 10:15.

Such a great, family vacation spot.  No boardwalk - just beach, a small amusement park and some cute shops.  Just perfect.

The house we rented is friggin' amazing.  Four decks at different levels, double set of bunk beds for kids, walk to the beach, amazing kitchen, dining room and living room.  The house is empty of stuff so when I walked in I put away milk, eggs and some other food items I picked up and then all I did was sit.

An overwhelming fatigue came over me.  I could have gone to sleep and I bet I would've slept for hours.

Between work and family I am constantly "on" until my head hits the pillow each night.  There is always something to do despite my best efforts to try to ignore the laundry and messes so I can enjoy the kids when I am home.

But here on vacation there isn't much to do.  Nothing really for the kids to mess up (they just keep running from deck to deck and driving me crazy since I am running after them to make sure they are safe), no stuff lying around, nothing to cook, no laundry yet. Had some work emails buzz through on the car ride down, but then even that fell silent.  So I think all the stress fell off me like a load of bricks and my poor fatigued body could barely move.

We took the kids to the beach for a bit today and then went out to a nice lunch at the Plantation Restaurant.

Get It Done Tip: When you arrive in a new place grab the local free newspaper which has event information.  I did this when we went to lunch and flipped through quick to scope out what was going on in town.  Sure enough I found the local theater is doing a Willy Wonka play for kids.  So funny since I was just telling my middle one we'd do a Willy Wonka theme for his birthday since he has such a sweet tooth.
We went to a play at the theater last year and the kids loved it, so we hit up the ticket booth tonight so we have good seats and can plan to be at the show 6 pm tomorrow.  We can't wait!

We were supposed to go out for dinner, but we had lunch so late and I was so tired I couldn't bare the thought of having to sit through dinner at a restaurant.  So made the kids a light dinner at home with what we had on had and then we took them to the amusement park and out for ice cream.

My big boy has quite the arm and won a baseball game twice so he won a prize for him and one of his little brothers.  So sweet.  They all have such a ball together - it is so fun to watch them enjoy these special days together.

We got in about 40 minutes ago, so it was a late night.  We bathed everyone and the house is finally quiet.
Let's hope they sleep in!