Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ideas for the Final Days of Summer

Two weeks until school starts!  I love the Fall more than any other time of the year, but not looking forward to packing lunches, homework and strict bedtimes.

I know many people went back to school this week, but for those who are still in Summer mode here are 27 idea for things to do before Summer is out. I did many of these already -- especially all the ice cream suggestions, which is sort of a problem. ;)   But that's ok - you only live once and I am back in the saddle of getting healthy. Hopefully the holidays don't slip me up like they do every year.

I want to capture the songs of the Summer for us here:  Spirits by the Strumbellas and Ride by 21 Pilots.  My youngest in particular would sing these two songs over and over in the car.  Precious memories - especially when he would get mad at my middle one for signing louder than him and pout.

Looking forward to the day off tomorrow to get my boys their school uniforms and shoes in order.   Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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