Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Important Day for this Working Mom

Yesterday I hit a major milestone in my career -- I was officially promoted to Executive Vice President!   I am THRILLED and so excited to see where my travels (literally and figuratively!) take me with this next step.

How did I celebrate this big news? 

Bingo Night at school with my three sons. ;)  Complete with me spilling an entire glass of wine all over myself and my youngest having a complete meltdown.  Ah, the life of a working mother. :)

Kids are loving the big snowstorm we are getting today.  I should probably busy myself with cleaning out the office upstairs, but instead I am going to relax for once.  My big to-do is to make an apple pie and osso buco.  Figure that's a slow-cooking meal so I can entertain myself by getting up to check the stove 40 times. ;) 

Happy Saturday!

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