Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nine Ways Mentally Strong People Retain Their Personal Power

Looking forward to a big chunk of time off after today.  My usual Christmas plans are turned upside down due to unforeseen circumstances so I am trying to re-organize the next few days so the kids get all the joy they can out of this special time.

Stress is synonymous with this time of year so this article about Nine Ways Mentally Strong People Retain their Personal Power is a good reminder for anyone who needs it. :)

Looking forward to cookie baking with one of my bffs and the kids tomorrow morning.  Then we'll go to an afternoon holiday party complete with Santa.  Will update on any good cookie recipes we make.

We never take the tree out of the netting until we get home, so we lucked out this year again with a nice one!  Although you'll notice the middle of the tree is absent of lights -- whoops. ;)

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