Monday, December 7, 2015

Quickest Banana Bread

The days are flying; hard to believe there are less than three weeks left to the year.

Very busy weekend with dinners out every night (and tonight again too - oy).   My house is in shambles with the basement renovations heading to the finish line this week and my big boy's new room getting squared away.  Furniture shopping was top of the priority list this weekend capped off with a win for his basketball team - yay!

I also managed to squeeze in making chocolate-dipped, frozen bananas and my go-to easy banana bread recipe.   This comes together so quickly and given I accidentally ordered a case of bananas from fresh direct last weekend I am making a loaf a night this week. ;)

We had about 70+ bananas.  Here is Chippy encouraging the kids to eat more!

Secret ingriedient - avocado oil - makes the crust crispy and the inside taste like buttah.


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