Saturday, November 21, 2015

Playdate Crafts

I am going to have 6 little boys over at 10 AM for a playdate - lord help me!   I am sure they will spend the bulk of time running in the backyard, but to be safe I am prepared with crafts!

This is where amazon prime came to the rescue again.  I have been so slammed between work and personal commitments that I had zip time to get to the store to get any crafts so I ordered everything Wednesday and had it in hand by Friday.  LOVE, love, love amazon prime!

metallic scratch leaves, fall-themed bracelet beading, superhero mask kit - hopefully something there will entertain

My packed weekend just became even more crowded.  My oldest's football team won at the playoffs so tomorrow we have the championship game. 

Tomorrow we also have his first ever real basketball game.  All the parents pitch in to help run the home games so tomorrow I may be working the kitchen (snacks/drinks) instead of socializing with the other parents and watching the game, but I am still really looking forward to it.

Finally want to record this week's parent/teacher conference meetings.  Whatever they tell you in prek about their personality/work habits follow through every year from my experience so far.  My oldest is super social and chatty, but not really into the work.   My middle was described as a little old man who takes his work very seriously.  How did they come out of the same womb?!

I also want to note that a dad from school told me his daughter talks about my oldest all the time and had over a bunch of her third grade girlfriends and they were all talking/giggling about robby....oh boy I am in for trouble!


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