Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School Cake

Had such a great weekend with my little men.

I promised the kids Friday that when I got home from work we could do a lemonade stand.  So as soon as I got in we went to work squeezing lemons and getting everything ready.  As I walked down the front steps I fell with this enormous glass canister of lemonade.  I am a mess.

They had so much fun though.  We happened to catch two classmates and their parent walking by so there was an impromptu play date at the stand. :)

Saturday met my friend and her daughter with my guys for a 3 hours for an early picnic in the park.  That evening I hosted our annual back to school pool party/playdate.  Love doing this so kids can see each other before school starts.  Was supposed to happen during the week, but my oldest got sick so we had to reschedule.

Love our tradition. :)

Sunday took the kids to visit my friend and her kids for lunch.   Yesterday some families in town got together for a barbecue. 

Tomorrow my big guy starts school -- welcome back evenings of homework, packing lunches and washing school uniforms -- I didn't miss you!

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