Friday, June 19, 2015

Free Things to do in NYC

I had a really, really, really rough week.   I am so happy it is drawing to a close. 

The one positive highlight is yesterday I took off to chaperone my big boy's trip to the New York Hall of Science

Somewhat busy weekend ahead -- my big boy has a friend's birthday party tonight.  Tomorrow he has another one.  Sunday will be low-key. 

Tip - If you're looking for something to do this weekend check out Free Things to Do in NYC on Facebook for some ideas (they have variations of this for other big cities too).  Just discovered this recently and it looks interesting.

Have been listening quite a bit to Ed Sheerhan's new song Photograph.  Really didn't like him at all until 'thinking out loud' and now this song.  Very chill music which I need to take me down a notch. :)

Hope everyone has a nice Father's Day weekend!

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