Monday, May 11, 2015

Communion Weekend

What a great weekend.  Friday night was hectic getting ready for my big boy's communion. I was up late into the night baking cookies in the shape of a cross for the big day.

Saturday, the day of the communion, was great.  My big guy looked so handsome.  We had a nice party at a local restaurant afterwards to celebrate.

Mother's Day was a lot more running around then I would have hoped.  Went to visit my grandmother, ran errands.  My husband went shopping and cooked for me, the kids and his grandmother.  Not sure what army he was feeding because there were a lot of leftovers.  By the end he was exhausted and the house looked like a bomb hit it, so I told him to sit with his grandmother and I cleaned up. :)

He made my favorite - steamers - plus steak, asparagus, peppers and onions, mushrooms, salad.  It was gorgeous out so we ate outside which was so nice!

I told him not to bother with dessert since we had a lot of leftover cake from the communion.  This was before I realized he never took the cake in from the trunk the night before (UGH!).  It pained me to throw out such an expensive cake (even though baker said it should be fine I get weird with the buttercream frosting not being in fridge), so I cut off frosting and cubed the actual cake and layered it between fresh whipped cream and berries to make a trifle.  It was delicious.
I am a genius. :)

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