Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Banana S'mores Melt

I am limping through this week after a crazy weekend.

I took Friday off to cheer on my big boys at their walk-a-thon.  They had a half day so packed lunch for them and right after school hung out at the park with some of their friends.  In the evening went out with some moms from school.

Saturday was a lot of running around. Took the little two to a barbecue while the other two went to a communion party.   Went out later that night for a bit.

Sunday had two families over and had beef shish-ke-bob, rice, salad, corn.  It was SO GOOD!

We had a whole bunch of goodies for dessert.  My friend brought over these chocolate banana smores melts that we threw on the grill.  So delish.  We had some leftover and since I hate to waste, instead of chucking it the next day I threw them in the blender with almond milk and ice to make a shake.  It was AMAZING!  My oldest in particular went crazy for it.

And Monday was quiet for the most part.  We went to see the parade in town. I sat out back with the kids and we played games, they went in the pool. 

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