Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Pat's!  The Leprechaun brought goodies for my boys.  They were so excited. :)

Had a great trip to Berlin despite a 7 hour delay going there due to snow in NY. 

Two memorable meals include La Soupe Populaire which was excellent.  On the last night a bunch of us also went to Hofbreau Haus which was fun.

This past weekend was my birthday and I was surprised with a limo to take us to Per Se.  I was so excited to finally try it, but it was sadly a disappointment; nothing we ate was spectacular.  The view however was amazing overlooking Columbus Circle and part of Central Park....really breathtaking.
We ended the night at a friend's house who has the same birthday as me.

Sunday was insanely busy getting the house in order, Easter pictures, baking/cooking for the week, laundry, etc.

Yesterday my middle guy turned 5 so I took a half day to celebrate with him.  He was so excited to bring his cupcakes to school. :)

Obsessed with Paw Patrol!
He was sent home early though because he had a rash on his face (doc said it is just a skin irritation).  We took them to dinner and they were WILD.  Oy.  Some family stopped by for cake at our house afterwards.

My littlest guy has been up crying all night past two nights because he can't sleep with a stuffy nose. 

I am in serious need of sleep.

And that's the complete recap of the past 2 weeks. :)

Corned beef and cabbage is in the slow cooker for my little people to enjoy tonight.  Wishing everyone a fun St. Patrick's Day!

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