Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I have been sick as a dog since Wednesday.  Yesterday was the worst of it; however, I managed to force myself to be up and at 'em starting at 5:45 AM for the sake of my entourage of men who were SUPER excited it was V Day.   We started off with the circus at 10 in the morning:

I told them to wear their red shirts, but my middle one decided to put on this sweater my great aunt made 40+ years ago. He looked so cute!

My big boy made us a card which included money.  Still not 100% certain where this money came from!

We all ventured out into the snow with my grandmother-in-law for an early dinner at Mama Assunta.  It was good!

My annual VDay gift of a picture album filled with memories from the prior year.

Today we are laying low - my evening plans are cancelled which is just as well so I can rest.  About to dig into arts and crafts and then decorate for St Pat's and that's it!

The kids are off from school this week so I am looking forward to time off from homework and strict bedtimes!!

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