Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Busy weekend!

Friday we had family over for a Chinese New Year celebration.  I didn't have time to get or make an authentic Chinese dessert, but I found this Yuzu (Japanese fruit) Tart at Maison Kayser in the city.  Everyone, including the kids, loved it!

Yesterday I went for an oxygen facial which was something new - I liked it.  We then went out with our good friends for dinner and drinks.   I had so much fun with them - lots of laughs!!

Today was the usual piano.  We then ran to BJ's to start to pick up stuff for a big 90s/college party I am hosting next weekend. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Busy now with the first ever homework assignment for my middle one. He is learning how to write his name. So cute. :)

Side note - his big brother gave him a haircut thurs - hence the super short bangs. :)

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