Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chicken Pot Pie

Friday night was a bust.  We were supposed to have a big playdate at my house, but as soon as I got home the little guy puked so we had to cancel.  Bummer!

It's birthday party season. Yesterday I took my middle guy to a party and this afternoon taking my big guy to one. 

Last night we got a babysitter for a rare night out.  We went to Mulino's in Westchester.  Look at the app we had! YUM!

Big boys have piano in a bit. I asked my husband to take them so I can get the house in order.  Blueberry muffins are in the oven already and next up I have to prep tomorrow's dinner. My big boy asked if I could make a chicken pot pie.  Found this recipe so going to give it a try.  Will update if it comes out good!
Bracing for more bad weather tonight.  My Dad is coming down later so we can get to work --he's the bestest. :)
One final random thought in this completely disjointed, all over the place post -- there are so many areas of my life where I feel so lucky.  One is in the friends department. There are a few friends in my life that no matter how busy they are, or what difficulties they are going through are always there for me  (D, M, R, J, A, B) -- always checking in to see how I am doing with a simple text or email or dropping whatever they have going on to lend an ear.
It struck me I had to give a shout out to these ladies when yesterday out of the blue I received a book in the mail for no reason.  This is from one of my friends who just finished traveling cross country and is settling into her new digs in LA and has a million other things going on, yet still stopped to think of me and do something to make me smile.  It just made me so grateful to have such great people who truly care about me.
And if I am giving her a shout out I have to give it to one more too -- someone who listens to me EVERY day multiple times a day and no matter how many million things she is juggling on an average day she still will proactively check in with me to see how I am doing.  And I do my best to reciprocate but lately I have been pretty bad I have to say.  Yet she still shows me on a daily basis she cares even though I am clearly turning into a flake. :) 
I am a lucky lady! xo

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