Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

We invited friends over for dinner and poker on NYE.  For some reason (alcohol fueled, I am sure) instead of poker we wound up playing Cards Against Humanity -- that game is HILARIOUS!  

We had a nice dinner - we grilled a whole filet mignon, lemon oregano shrimp and I made homemade bread, string beans, roasted potatoes and a salad. 

The next day I ran up to visit my grandmother and then we had my husband's grandmother over for our traditional New Year's Day dinner.

Friday I took the kids to an indoor play space called WeeZee and they had a BLAST. 

Visited my grandmother again and then went out for drinks with two high school friends.

Today I spent the entire day organizing closets and have 11 bags ready for the donation bin. I feel accomplished!! Resting with the kiddies now and watching a movie. Although the amount of resting is debatable given I have already cleaned up hot chocolate which was knocked to the floor, water which was also knocked to the floor and popcorn is all over the place. Oy.

Tomorrow the big boys have piano and then I will get everything in order for back to school.  Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  Back to the grind!

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