Friday, December 26, 2014


The kids had a BLAST!  Started Sunday with some friends over for our annual holiday dinner.  I made prime rib, roasted lemon asparagus, Christmas caprese wreath and these potatoes that everyone went nuts over.  We ended with a chocolate cake with fresh buttercream frosting decorated with homemade chocolate trees. 

Tuesday I had off so took the kids to a play date at a friends house where we made Christmas cookies.  Went out that night with two friends for a quick drink.

Christmas Eve I took my big boy to 4 pm mass where he was dressed as a wise man.  The church was standing room only by the time I walked in so told my husband to stay home with the little two.  Luckily a Dad I know from school saw me standing in back and came back to invite me to sit with his family so I lucked out.

Then we all went off to my parents for dinner -- my mom made all the amazing usual items - lobster, crab legs, etc.  She asked what we should make for my middle one who is the only fuss pot in the group.  I decided to make him something with pasta but in theme so made scallop shrimp lasagna.  He didn't like it, but everyone else raved about it. :)

We got home late and after we got them to bed I set to work putting together the ice cream truck tent I bought for them.  After 45 minutes my husband finally came downstairs and insisted it was way too big and we should return it.  He was right -- it was tremendous, so another 30 minutes taking it down.  I made an overnight Christmas Egg and Sausage Casserole (which everyone loved) at the request of my big boy, so I could pop it in the oven without any extra effort when we woke up.  I then went to bed while my husband set up the monorail toy for my big boy. 

1:30 in the morning my big boy came into our room to ask if he could see if santa came - we said no and he went back to bed.  5:45 the two big ones showed up asking again.  I told them to give us 20 more minutes and they were sooo good and played quietly in their room.  After 6 I went to their room and we looked out their window just as a plane with a red blinking light went by in the distance. I told them it was santa and Rudolph and that meant he just left -- they flipped out. :)

In the afternoon we went to my inlaws and had another great dinner.  Today is a low-key day -- I am whipping the house back into order.  Believe it or not I already heard "I'm bored" from one of these kids who is sitting surrounded by new toys. Dear lord.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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