Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Blaze!

This week FLEW!

Tomorrow we have friends coming over for dinner, so the plan is to take 1/2 day from work today and head home to go shopping.  Then need to take my big boy to a 4 pm birthday party.  Followed by 7:30 tickets to see the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze. 

We take the kids each year to the Blaze and they love it. I suggested to my friend that this year we bake cookies and make hot chocolate and bring it with us for a special treat for the kids.  Well, 70 dollars later I have a new thermos and 100 starbucks quality cups, cardboard sleeves and lids since I am in charge of the hot chocolate.  So much for homemade quality while saving money....I am going to have to make a lot more hot chocolate to get my moneys worth!! :)

The kids Thanksgiving outfits arrived so tomorrow hopefully I can get their annual photo for their card.   Next up...the search for Christmas outfits.  Santa will be here in a few short weeks and as soon as that dude hits the mall we'll be there before he is covered with other kids boogers and germs!

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