Monday, September 1, 2014


Saturday we had my old high school friend and her family down for dinner.  We had a great day.

Yesterday we had friends over again and did a tomato theme dinner since we have so many tomatoes from the garden we wanted to use up.  I made for an appetizer Queso Fundido Dip which was a big hit.

We did skewers with beef, tomatoes and other vegetables.  Quinoa & zucchini stuffed tomatoes and my friend brought a salad and a tomato tart.

For dessert I made strawberry tomato ice cream in the Vitamix....I loved it!  So easy to make and refreshing.  I also made (out of theme!) Ina's Strawberry Country Cake -- so easy and delish!

It was also a busy shopping weekend getting ready for school. Picked up my oldest's uniform, took them to Nordstrom for sneakers, Gap (everything in the store is 40% off!) for socks and Lord and Taylor for a Fall jacket for me.  Every place was oddly not crowded -- which was great - lots of good sales going on! 
Off to visit my inlaws soon for dinner and then back to the grind tomorrow!

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