Sunday, August 3, 2014

1 Year!

365 days ago I started this blog.  So today I recap what I feel are the top things that allow me to have a career and do so much with my kids:

3) a crockpot!
2) someone to clean my house (I never posted about this, but really it is worth every penny.  Life is too short to be spent scrubbing bathrooms and mopping floors.  Every penny I spend on this is time I buy back to be with my kids.)
and #1 hands down a huge support system.  I am just so lucky to have so many great people in my life who help out.  I know I am not the norm and many people don't have any help and those are the parents who are truly amazing.  I am a slacker in comparison!

Today we I took the kids to visit my cousin in Jersey.  Before we left my middle guy came with me to get my nails done.  I usually get a white or light pink color, but he insisted I get neon orange this time so I indulged him. Counting the days until next weekend to swap it to my norm. :)

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