Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Day of School!

Had the day off today to drop off and pick up (an hour and 45 minutes later!) my oldest from his last day as a first grader -sniff sniff!

I dropped him off to join my middle one at my husband's job to enjoy his company's annual family fun day.

I then went home with the little man to clean a little, bake cupcakes and go to lord and taylor.  We then met the rest of the gang to enjoy the outside portion of family fun day.

They had a great time and passed out on the way home.  They were dirty as dirty can be due to deciding they didn't like face paint 10 minutes after they had it on (mind you I waited 20 mins at least on the line to get their faces painted - ah, kids).  So when I got them home they got cleaned up, changed and we headed to the park for cupcakes after dinner to celebrate the end of school....our new tradition. :)

I just googled other end of school year traditions for today's Get It Done Tip and found this in case you need inspiration! 

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