Friday, May 30, 2014

Potato & Corn Frittata

Yesterday's dinner was a complete fluke.  I took steaks out of the freezer and had corn on the cob and potatoes.  But for some reason my mom couldn't find the steaks to cook them for the kids.  She insisted they weren't there.

I have no idea where these steaks are so need to search for them over the weekend.

In the mean time I was thinking what else we could make for the kids to eat. 

Not enough time to defrost something. 

Maybe just give them the corn and potatoes.

Maybe I will just make them eggs.

Then I googled corn and potato frittata and OMG found this a-ma-zing recipe.

So quick, so easy and so amazingly good for an easy Get It Done Tip for a weeknight summer dinner.  Just serve with a salad.


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