Friday, April 18, 2014

Stitch Fix

I have a retread Get It Done Tip today.  I received earlier in the week my first Stitch Fix order.  As a reminder Stitch Fix is an online retailer that has trained stylists pick out and mail to your home each month 5 clothing items.


Below is what they sent me.  I kept the 3 things on the left side and returned the two on the right column because I didn't like them (that Helga top is hideous!!).

I wore the bottom left orange silk shirt the other day and got a ton of compliments on it.  I probably wouldn't have picked it out for myself so it was fun to try something new. 

The returns couldn't have been easier.  They include a prepaid bag you can drop whatever you don't want into and have UPS pick it up from you.

If you decide to try Stich Fix click on the link below and I will get credit on a future order. :) 
My referral code for stitch fix

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