Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dry Shampoo

Today's Get It Done Tip is from an old friend.  She had her first child a few months ago and just went back to work so is having fun figuring out how to juggle it all.

I asked if she has any tips to share and she told me about something called dry shampoo.  She uses this on occasion for two purposes - extending the time between shampoos and saving her hair color.  Here's what she had to say:

The product is called a dry shampoo. In my experience the most effective ones are aerosols. It's got 2 uses: 1 for extending the time needed between regular shampoos because it freshens and deodorizes the scalp while also absorbing sebum. So if you normally shampoo every other day you may be able to go for three or more days. Besides being a potential time saver in the shower a huge benefit is extending the life of you hair color. Water is the MAIN thing that removes hair color; not shampoos, conditioners or stylers. If you remove even one shampoo a week you can help the longevity of your hair color. 

A few keys to success: use on DRY hair or product will clump, section hair and spray in even lines very close to the scalp, rub into the scalp to help distribute and absorb the oils, brush through and for best results hit it with the blow dryer quickly. This product is not for everyone. People with very dark color may see some white residue (not attractive). They come in various levels of power - which will most likely not be indicated on the can. So keep trying if this product appeals to you but you don't like the first one you try. 

The other use for a dry shampoo is as a texturizing styler. You can spray it throughout the hair to help add volume and remove shine. If you want that "lived in" day after style you could use this to achieve. 
Here is one product and here is another one

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