Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Steak!

Had a nice day.  Piano was cancelled, so managed to get the house back in order and even had time to run out to get my nails done.

In the afternoon we stopped by to visit my husband's grandmother.  Afterwards we went to BLT Prime for dinner with the kids and it was awesome.  We were there 3 years ago and I had craving for it, so made reservations.  Poorly planned though since I forgot we had steak on the menu the night before.  I think I am good on red meat for a few months now!

The best part of tonight's dinner was we ordered the porterhouse steak for 2, along with some sides and the lobster salad.  After they brought out the food the manager came out with another porterhouse asking if it was ours.  We said no.  He disappeared for a bit and came back and said it was on the house since they made two in error.  Score!

Came home and watched Frozen with the kids and now off to bed.

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