Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mini-Portrait Exercise

One exercise from the leadership training I went through is to figure out how your family/past has influenced how you are at work -- and how it may be holding you back. 

One woman talked about how her parents trained her to always take the safe route and this is how she operates at work.  To be successful you HAVE TO TAKE SMART RISKS, so this behavior is holding her back.

Here is an exercise we filled out that you can try.  The goal is to create a visual image "self portrait" about what you are now and then create a new self portrait of what you want to be.  The woman who played it safe used a beaver keeping the damn together as her portrait for her example.

A. Family Influences
What did family say or do that I carry with me to work?
Not so good?
To be shed?

How do siblings affect this?

Overall descriptor of my family:

B. My family and I tend to respond and react in a certain way that affects how I behave at work.
Driving trait?

C. A major and unique quality of characteristic I have as I go about delivering the work (not doing the work) is:

D. Two words or phrases to describe what I emphasize about myself on my resume?

E. My two most valuable skills and/or experiences are:

F. Two words used most often to describe me in evaluations?

Now combine A - F to make a self portrait:

Once you go through exercise it will start to make you self-aware of your negative behavior so you can start to catch it before you act on it.  I am already seeing positive improvements in myself post doing this!

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