Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Working Mom's Career

I count my lucky stars every day that I work for an incredible company that values me and allows me to make sure I can take my kids to a weekday birthday party, class trips, doctor appointments and anything else that takes place during the workday.

I think some companies are better than others at flexibility, sure, but really if you work your ass off for a company in most cases you'll have "chips in the bank" and you'll get what you need to help juggle both work and home (assuming your career allows for remote working/flexability). 

All that said today's Get It Done Tip is about making sure you’re not slipping at work.

"This applies no matter how many times you had to get up in the middle of the night the previous evening to tend to an inexplicably crying kid. In rare cases — cases that involve an unusually empathetic boss — you can talk to your employer about what’s upending your personal life and making you so bleary-eyed. In general, though, it’s typically best to keep that sort of soul-baring to a minimum and throw your shoulder into the work at hand. Otherwise, you may get branded the wrong way in the workplace and your advancement could suffer for it.

What are you supposed to do, though, if you’re feeling a nervous breakdown coming on? Here are some ideas:

Take a personal day every few months. That’s the whole point of personal days: to meet your personal needs. While the kids are at school and you don’t have to pay for a babysitter, spend an entire day in bed if necessary.

Use break times and lunch breaks to play catch-up. Be extremely careful about handling personal business — making pediatrician appointments, checking the school district’s calendar online and so forth — during your regular work hours. Your activities may be monitored. Take on such tasks only during designated break times.

Find allies where you can. Fellow moms at work may understand what you’re going through and prove to be excellent confidantes. If you have genuinely trustworthy friends at work, vent to them about your travails — not to your boss."*
Speaking of work I am psyched that my CEO nominated me for a prestigious women in leadership training program. The trainer was on the cover of Fortune a few years back and titled the most powerful woman in the advertising industry.  The goal of the training is to help develop high-potential women with 10-15 years of experience to further advance them within the organization. Only a handful of people in my holding company of over 170,000 (well take out any men from that number, of course!) were selected. 
Many years ago who would think a mom of 3 would get such an honor?  So exciting!  Only problem is I just got an email that it will be postponed from tomorrow to March 17th because of more snow/ice tomorrow....bummer!!
Hope everyone has a good day!
*Source Today Show.

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