Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day

President's Day reminds me there is a long dry spell of Federal Holidays until Memorial Day.

Trying to suck it up.

Had a great date with my mini me ice skating today.  He LOVED it.  I grew up ice skating on a pond in the woods behind my parent's house and I swear give him long hair and a pink coat and he is the mirror image of a video of me at that age. 

Kids are playing with legos and rocking out to Imagine Dragons.  I just put in the oven a chicken with vegetables.  Will use the leftovers for soup tomorrow. 

The easiest one-two punch meal out there in my opinion.
Need to get the house in order for the short week ahead.  My Dad is coming down tonight because of the snowstorm.  The kids are off from school all week so since there isn't bedtime and homework to worry about I scheduled dinner Wed at Gramercy Tavern (psyched!) with one of my friends and Thursday with another at Hudson at Haymount House.  Can't wait!!

PS - I made Banana Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread for the kids to snack on. Left out the pumpkin pie spice and they love it.  They already downed more than 1/2 a loaf so not sure what is going to make it to the freezer for another day!

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