Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mediterranean Chicken

Took the big boys to piano bright and early.  When we were in the car my middle one asked if he could have his lesson first since he loves it so much.  He can't play on his own yet so "takes a ride" on the piano teacher's hands and they sing songs. 

Usually it is baa baa black sheep, but today it was "Say Something" (my pick) and "Locked out of Heaven" (my middle one's pick).  Very lively for 9 AM on a Sunday and super fun to have our own little concert!

My husband ran out for most of the day so the kids and I did arts and crafts, played and watched a movie.  

We also organized all of our school Valentine's Day cards.  I bought the cards a few weeks back and just now noticed 1/2 the cards are missing in the spiderman box.

So much for being organized. ugh.

Dinner tonight was pretty good.  I made Mediterranean chicken, steamed broccoli and a big salad for dinner.   Everyone liked it.

Off to organize tomorrow's clothes for me and the kids so we're organized for the morning.  Goodnight!

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