Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Capturing Your Social Media into a Memory Book

I woke up to the train whistling in the distance so decided to take a walk in the snow to make my way to the city.  Surprisingly no problems with the commute.

Last night, like millions of others, for Facebook's 10 year anniversary I made my "Facebook movie". It was so sweet photos from when each of my kids were babies and my most liked posts - like when my sweet baby Joe was born.

I spoke to one mom who uses Facebook almost as an archive of what she does with her kids so when they grow up they have a listing of special things they did together.  She'll list when they go to the movies, the city, etc.  I never looked at Facebook like that, but it makes sense. 
A Get It Done Tip for the paranoid, like me, who worry what happens if the site closes down can buy My Social Book - which allows you to create a beautiful memory book of your social easy way to captures those memories for your children and grandchildren to cherish forever!

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