Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organizing Addresses

It's is bitter cold out today.  I am working from home so thankfully don't have to deal with the outdoors as much as usual.

Today's Get It Done Tip is about keeping your personal contact addresses organized. There are so many systems you can choose from - I wrote about some online sites that can help you do this back in December like www.postable.com.  You can also plug addresses into your online contacts in your iPhone or Outlook which I know some people like to do.

I personally prefer the old fashioned way....excel!  I have well over 100 personal contacts listed.  Column A is last name, B is first name, C is street address and D is city/state/zip.  I sometimes use column E if I need a reminder about someone's kid's name, etc. so I don't flake when I write out the card.

If I get a hard copy of a change of address notification I logon and make the update right away before I toss it.  If it is an emailed change I put it as a reminder on my calendar when I know I will be home and have time to make the update -weekend or evening.

That way whenever I need to send a thank you card, birthday card or holiday cards I know my list is accurate.  All I have to do is select the addresses I want and then can print them right on labels. 

As a back-up I have a recurring monthly reminder on my calendar to send a copy of the spreadsheet to myself in case my laptop self destructs....which happens to me more than I care to admit...in fact it happened two weeks ago!

If you dont already have a system in place, try out something new.  In the long run a little effort saves on time and stress.

I can't get enough of these cards...they are hilarious! ;)

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