Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leftovers Repurposed

I have a busy day ahead full of meetings.  I was too tired last night to make the potato-crusted spinach quiche dinner I had on the menu, so froze the vegetables and moved it to next week's menu.  Instead I took out of the freezer stuffed pork and will make a bag of pre-roasted organic potatoes and vegetables I bought at BJ's.

Today's Get It Done Tip is again from my wonderful aunt.  As I have mentioned before I hate to waste food.  We buy organic and to just let something go bad and toss it out is a waste so I try to do my best to repurpose extras.   My aunt read about how I stuffed the cavity of Sunday's chicken with leftover basil and celery and she had these tips on how she repurposes her leftovers. 

"Great idea cleaning out the refrigerator with imaginative recipes. Here's another tip for leftover onion dip or any kind of dip (not something that has been out for hours).  I put leftover onion dip on tilapia the other night and it was delicious.  You could put it on steak too.    

I also had fresh string beans and leftover salsa (any kind) and put that in with the string beans along with 1/2 cup of leftover chicken broth. By the time the fish is ready, so are the string beans. It was so good.

I also use up leftover spinach/kale/escarole  by drying them up and then chop and put them in meatloaf or quiche or topping for home made pizza.   

Left over beef stew I chop and put in pasta sauce along with gravy.  I also make hot sandwiches for dinner or lunch put meat  and lots of gravy over fresh rye bread. 

Store bought pesto put on fish, pasta, gnocchi. It is the quickest dinner if you don't want to fuss or do not have time.  Just make a big salad on the side."


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