Friday, January 31, 2014

8 Suprising Foods You Can Freeze + Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year!  My husband's Aunts and Grandmother are coming over and we'll do a little dinner/celebration with the kids.  I am making egg drop soup, chicken and broccoli and fried brown rice.

Since I went out last night and am working from home today I knew I wouldn't have time to do dessert so am doing a traditional Chinese restaurant dessert of vanilla ice cream, fortune cookies, pineapple chunks with plastic sword toothpicks and orange wedges. :)  I will  post a picture later.

Had a great time last night with my friends.  We revert to 15 when we are together and had a lot of laughs.  After dinner my one friend and I hit up BJs which was up the street from the restaurant.
I have been getting in the habit of buying the big organic tubs of spinach to use for salad from there instead of buying romaine.  That way if we have leftover I can put in the freezer and use it for other purposes - for example I toss frozen spinach in soup, homemade bread, omelets, etc.  

Here is a great Get It Done Tip listing other surpising foods you can next time you are about to toss one of these because they are past their prime throw 'em in the freezer and save money to use for another day.



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