Thursday, December 5, 2013

YouTube Tutorials = Time and Sanity Savers

Today's train ride was productive as always - I use the time to write my blog post and this morning was no exception.  I also meal planned for a bit and then I found a great deal on amazon for blocks that I bought and will put away for my son's birthday next month.  27 minutes well spent if you ask me!

Speaking of toys.  I give credit to my sister-in-law for today's Get It Done Tip.  I think many people do this, but I swear I never thought of doing it on a regular basis until she made the suggestion.
The rainbow loom bracelets are (were?) all the rage so awhile back I picked up a kit for my oldest.  We sat down to do it and god help me, but I can never make sense of those little directions with line drawings showing you a million steps.  I called my SIL for tips and she said my niece watched YouTube videos to teach her how to do it. GENIUS.
Within 10 minutes my son and I were making the bracelets.  From that point on I committed (if my brain remembers!) to go to YouTube before I start any project. 
I did it before buying zoomer the dog (what the boys want for Christmas).  The 10 minute video showed me how to set him up and how to make him do all the tricks.  No reading directions Christmas morning - I'm ready! 

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