Friday, December 20, 2013

There's an App for That: Organizing Gift Receipts

First night of vacation and it's a late one!  Up baking cupcakes for a get together with our college buds tomorrow evening.  Not only am I excited to hang out with my girls, the icing on the cake is my kids just adore their kids and they are so excited to see them.

The cupcakes I am making are snowman cupcakes - if they come out as cute as they look on Pinterest I will post a picture.

Don't hold your breath.

Today's Get It Done Tip is to help organize gift receipts.  Piikki app allows you to e-mail scanned receipts to recipients so they can make returns.

The additional benefit for using this App with all of your receipts is you will no longer have paper receipts tumbling around your pocketbook or house.

Happy Friday!

PS - Last night's Asian Pot Roast was awesome!!!  Give it a try!


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