Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Cards

Last night I was chatting with my oldest and he told me "the teacher said something about you today".  I said "oh yeah, what?".  He thought and said I only remember the first part of what she said.  I said "ok, what was it??".  He said I only remember that she said "Your mother". I cracked up!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  If you still need to get those cards out but can't find the time to buy them, much less write them all out and get them to the post office? Get It Done Tip: Write your cards whenever you have time with Ink Cards app.  Select a card design, upload a photo and personalize. Your cards are printed and mailed using addresses on your phone or that you enter.  The app is free for Android, iOS and iPad.

I plan to give this a try for the next birthday card I need to mail - fun!

I prepared the main part of tonight's dinner last night.  I have been on a Riesling kick, but opened a bottle that was too dry for my taste.  As I always say, I hate to waste, so am going to use it for cooking.
Tonight's dinner was supposed to be a chicken piccatta, but instead I changed it to chicken in Riesling to start to use up the wine.  Just saute the chicken until brown on both sides. Remove chicken from pan and pour wine in and bring to a boil to cook off alcohol. Reduce heat and put chicken back in and cook until chicken is cooked through.  If you flour your chicken before sauteing it'll help thicken the sauce.  You can do this with any wine.

I plan to serve this alongside roasted asparagus and salad - quick and easy weeknight meal.


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