Sunday, November 3, 2013

Waste Not Want Not + Halloween Candy Hot Chocolate

I love that it feels so late and it is only 6:00 pm.

Unintentionally today's theme was finding use for odds and ends so they don't go to waste.

Overall it was a nice day. After piano I dropped my oldest off at home and my middle guy and I had a nice shopping trip to Christmas Tree Shops. They had the Christmas music going and the place was a mob scene at 10 in the morning, but we walked through slowly and enjoyed our time together.

I picked through the Halloween items that were 75% off and picked up these goodies:

Can always use them at home or for school parties.

Had some bananas that were about to turn so made Banana Muffins (I always halve the sugar in recipes) for the week's snack.  They are pretty good. 

I had the kids pick the remaining tomatoes from the garden and threw them in a pan along with odds and ends from the crop share - a yellow squash, 3 carrots a pepper and an onion.  Sauteed for a bit and then put in a jar of Muir Glen Tomato Sauce.

Once vegetables were softened I pureed and made sauce for lasagna.  Put the sauce on the bottom and layered with noodles, a little bit of ricotta and mozzarella.  Baked 25 minutes at 350 covered and then another 25 minutes uncovered.

My oldest had 4 servings, my youngest had 2 and my middle one was threatened with no dessert unless he ate at least half of what was on his plate.

After dinner we had baths (at 4:00! Loving the extra hour!) and then we made hot chocolate using leftover Halloween candy.

Just poured some milk in a pan, a dash of vanilla extract and then enough Hershey Bars, Kisses and Milky Ways to melt and make the most delicious hot chocolate we've ever had.

Easy dessert!

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