Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mobile Device Photo Solutions

My husband is a tech geek and shared awhile ago a great tip for what to do with photos taken on your mobile device. 

I have been in the habit of uploading pictures from my phone to shutterfly one a week so they don’t get lost.  It’s a cumbersome process; however, he apparently has been much more efficient with his photos. 

Here’s his Get It Done Tip:

Using your mobile device for taking pictures has become the norm, but do you know how to keep your most important pictures safe?  

Most mobile devices now offer some sort of built in service to backup these very important photos and even allow for an easy way to view them on other devices like your TV or computer. The iPhone can use the iCloud backup technology save images and videos to your iTunes account in the cloud, as well as a few other option detailed here

Android devices can be backed up automatically using Google+.  This service is great and if configured properly, there is no cost for unlimited storage usage.  

Since we use Shutterfly my go to solution has been Shutterfly's App. I believe it still has some bugs to get worked out, but over all it is a great way to get all your photos uploaded so they don’t get lost if something happens to your mobile device.