Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finding Outdoor Activities For The Kids Just Got Easier!

What's the latest app this mom is loving?

Park apps. And that is today's Get It Done Tip!

I read in www.nymetroparents.com that there is a new app out that can allow you to:

- search all parks and filter by activity - hiking, biking, camping, swimming and destination.

- keep your trail route live via cutting-edge GPS technology so you don't get lost.

- allow you to connect with people if they are nearby via a friend finder function. 

- find a list of current events by park location.

My husband took the kids yesterday to a new park and our kids had a blast.

Quick, easy and organized activity at the touch of a button makes for a happy parent!

To download the free app visit ITunes or the Android marketplace. For more info you can visit www.friendsofwestchesterparks.com.

This app is specific to Westchester, but do a search for your location as other counties are following suit. 

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