Friday, November 1, 2013


Worked from home today.

My oldest had a Halloween party this evening.  I will need to feature the mom who hosted the party in an upcoming post.  She had 15 or so 6-year old boys to her home and we all survived to tell the story....there must be something we can all learn from here!

I offered to bring cupcakes to the party.  As a working mom I always have a million debates on weeknight events - do I bake it or do I buy it.  Many times I will just pick something up so I don't drive myself crazy. But I often bake too and when I do I am reminded that if you have an easy enough recipe the effort to make it can be less than a trip to the store.  Plus it is often time more cost effective and usually tastes better too (even if it is from a box!).

Get It Done Tip: Have a few easy recipes that you can throw together for weeknight events.  One super easy one is Brownie Pizza.  For tonight's event I made these adorable cupcakes.

I baked the cupcakes last night - took all of 3 minutes to get everything in a bowl to mix it and 18 minutes in the oven.  Right before we left I frosted them and decorated them with spider rings and some silver crystal sprinkles.  They looked festive and it barely took any effort.  My son was so excited I made them which made it all worth it.

On a related note I bought If You Care Cupcake Liners on Amazon a few months back and love them. They are unbleached and chlorine free.  Maybe I am a sucker for marketing, but jeez are there things in regular cupcake liners like chlorine we need to worry about?! I am playing it safe and bought them. I have enough to last me until they are all in college I think. ;)

Happy weekend!

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