Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Old Favorite Dinner with a Twist

Had the day off to take my oldest on his school trip to the aquarium.  Thank the lord I did because it was mayhem again with kids running in all different directions.

The highlight of the day was when an instructor from the aquarium was talking about the life cycle of humans and animals.  He asked what adults do when they get older.  My son responded "they drink wine". I must have turned 50 shades of purple!  I told his teacher that must be what she is teaching him in class since I haven't a clue where he picked that up. ;)

Since I am off today I am going to put in the oven some chicken legs and thighs and roast some carrots and make a big salad.

Get It Done Tip:  My kids, like most, love baked chicken. Once in awhile if I have crackers that aren't moving quick enough out of the house I will grind them up and use them for coating the chicken and bake it off. It serves two purposes - it gives a twist on something I know the kids will like and it ensures we don't waste food.  You can use pretty much any cracker (or even pretzels or chips) you have on hand.  I give mine a swirl in the Vitamix and that's it as coating for chicken or pork chops. Fun!

I am easily amused.

The kids didn't love these pumpkin crackers, but I am 1000% confident they'll love them as "breadcrumbs" on tonight's dinner. muhaha

They'll be enjoying it on their own because I have ladies night out.  Sayonara boys!

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