Friday, November 29, 2013

3 Weeks and 4 Days Until Christmas!

We picked up our tree!

Our first Christmas together my husband and I went to pick out our tree in the freezing cold.  We waited for quite some time for someone to come over to help us cut open the netting of the tree so we could see what it looked like. After what must have been 20 minutes I said forget it - let's buy a tree that is the right size and whatever it is when we open it at home it is; if it is a Charlie Brown tree we'll make it look pretty.

Twelve years later we continue this tradition with our kids. They pick out a tree and we put it up the day before decorating to let the branches fall.  Fingers crossed for no gaping holes like we had 2 years!!

Fresh out of the netting

We kept tomorrow open to do nothing but decorate the tree and house.  I love to make an event of things like this to make it special for all of us.  We'll cap off the night with a nice dinner at home and a movie.

Elmos gets up close and personal with the tree the boys picked out

Hope everyone got some good Black Friday deals!! We always skip the event, but this year happened to walk by the Gap on the way to legoland to meet some friends and the entire store was 50% off!  It wasn't crowded so I stocked up on underwear and socks for the kids.  Love a deal!!

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