Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Working Mom Inspirations: Home Organization

I can NOT speak to having an organized house.  I am super organized in almost every other aspect of my life, but  come into my house and it's surface clean; however, open a drawer or closet and you'll get my number real quick.

Lucky for me I have an expert in my circle who gives me tips all the time and actually came to my house one weekend to do a complete overhaul for me.   Let me introduce you to another Working Mom Inspiration - Sloane, an amazing friend, a mom of 2 great kids, super wife and works part-time among many other titles.

Sloane came to my house to help me organize it about 3 years ago.  One thing that really stuck with me is to keep like things together.  I used to toss crafts or toys in the coat closet just because there was space and had bags of napkins piled in the basement if there wasn't room in a kitchen cabinet.  She taught me to keep the coat closet for coats, keep the crafts with the crafts and dammit stop buying so many napkins if you don't have room in your kitchen for them.

Life changing.

Here are Sloane's Get It Done Tips:

The #1 reason I am organized is to reduce stress. It's that simple. I'm not OCD, I'm not a control freak, and I'm not a micro manager (just don't ask my husband if he agrees). But it's true, I keep my home, car, family, and life as organized as possible simply for that reason. I absolutely hate the way stress makes me feel and I know how unhealthy it is for your mind, body, and spirit. In addition, being an organized Mom keeps the "family machine" thriving. And lastly, being organized saves you money. Here are my favorite tips for the busy working family:

A place for everything and everything in its place. It's one of the oldest sayings but it's my #1 tip. Identify a place (that makes sense) for all categories of your household and keep like items together. Share these locations with the family so they know (and can help) maintain an organized environment. For example - "kid's school clutter".  I have 2 kids and in my hall closet I have a double stack-able bin (color coded) for their school papers. When they get home I immediately empty their backpacks. Homework gets put on the dining room table, school papers get read and filed in their bins, lunch boxes get emptied and backpacks are hung in their designated spots. Whole process take 3 minutes because I have a system. I have similar systems for almost all areas of our household. 

One in, one out. Give very careful thought to what you bring into your home. Is it necessary? Will you honestly use it? Do you need it? Do you have a place for it? If it fits all the above criteria then bring it home. BUT - if it's an item that you have excess of (clothes), then take something out in its place. Balance is the key here. There is only so much a person or family needs. The rest is just clutter! 

When in doubt throw it out (or donate). This one explains itself. Everything you have in your home should be something you use, enjoy, and need. If you're not sure (doubt) throw it out (or donate)! Don't keep items out of guilt, and be very careful of the "I might need this someday" category (clutters' best friend). 

Two laundry hampers for the whole family. None of this "basket in every bedroom" business. One for darks, one for lights in a central location for everyone to use. When one is full (or both) do a load. No matter what day of the week. Laundry is continuous and endless. Don't overwhelm yourself by letting it pile up and occupy a whole day or days. 

Pay bills right away (or schedule them to be paid). Paper clutter is its own animal. Manage that by using online bill pay (usually free with your checking account). Saves you the stamp, you can pick the date for the bill to be paid, and you don't have to use your own checks. Do this the day the bill or bills come in and file or shred the paper bill immediately. Or better yet, opt for e-bills and eliminate the paper all together. 

Finally, teach your children early the importance of being organized and working together as a family to keep the home a pleasant and well functioning environment for everyone. 

Sloane is a professional home organizer, so if you have any interest in her services please message me - slapham14@gmail.com.

Thank you, Sloane, for your insights into home organization!


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