Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Morgan Freeman Sighting + Overnight Guest Idea

I saw Morgan Freeman on the streets of NYC this afternoon.  Everything else in the day is sort of irrelevant after you have a mega star sighting like THIS.

Morgan Freakin' Freeman on a Tuesday Afternoon
The other week I mentioned I was making a slow cooker dish from Sandra Lee called Pork Roast with Whisky Sauce.  I then mysteriously never provided an update on it.

It was because I was a total dumass and thought I read the sell by date correctly, but I didn't.  So the morning I went to put the pork in the slow cooker I noticed it was past the date and it smelled slightly so had to toss it. I was SO upset to waste especially since I know better; I just had to ignore it happened altogether.

That said the recipe sounded so unusual and interesting I had to try it at some point, so it made its way onto today's menu.

Unfortunately I had to run out the of the house for an early meeting like a bat out of hell so left my husband with instructions on what to do.

I am not sure what happened, but something went terribly wrong.  My husband came home from work early and emailed me that he washed off the pork since it didn't taste like the alcohol burned off.  Oy vey. So sadly this Sandra Lee dinner was a fail.

Tomorrow we're having tortellini with peas....hopefully we'll have better luck. It's a Martha Stewart recipe and you can't go wrong with her so I am confident it'll be edible!

A little while ago I was straightening up one or two final things post our little weekend trip and wanted to share a silly little tip that I do with all the little shampoo, conditioner, soap freebies from hotels.
Penthouse upgrade = 2 bathrooms = lots of stuff
Get It Done Tip: I usually bring my own shampoo when I go away, so rarely use the complimentary toiletries.  I do take them home though and put them in a Ziploc in the linen closet.  When we have overnight guests I set up their bed and leave fresh towels and a stash of trial-sized shampoos, conditioners, soaps for them. A fun, useful to way to use up the products.  It's a simple touch and also saves times since you don't have to go shopping or run around looking for the items in case your guest forgets to bring their own...especially when it is a surprise overnight guest.  I am all about being prepared to cut down on stress!

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