Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Activity

TGIF!   My husband had the pleasure of taking all 3 kids to the dentist  by himself today.  Monday he gets to take them all for flu shots since I need to go to work. Poor guy!

I had a nice quiet evening doing a little bit of party prep for a Halloween dinner we're doing tomorrow night.  We have a very fun themed menu planned, so I will share pictures tomorrow.

Made dessert and set the table so tomorrow I don't have a lot to do except prep the appetizer and get dinner going.

Get It Done Tip:   I have a tradition with my kids that started two years ago.  I always like for them to have Halloween pajamas.  The only problem is they barely get use out of them (not a fan of wearing things when the holiday is over) since it's such a quick holiday and most of them are bloody expensive.

So, I decided to let them do something fun and inexpensive which has become a nice tradition - we let them tie dye shirts orange.  This is then their "Halloween pajamas" -  paired with pajama pants of course!

I'll share the finished product tomorrow!

The kids have so much fun doing it.  They look forward to the tradition of making their "Halloween shirts" and they wear them year round.  The dye is all of $3 or so and I picked up (actually amazon delivered) long-sleeved white shirts, which weren't expensive either.

Here is a great site to demonstrate how you make different patterns:

You could do this for almost any occasion - pastel for Easter, red or green for the holidays.  A fun, inexpensive, useful it!

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