Thursday, October 24, 2013

Class Trip + The Shark

I took a half of a vacation day in the morning to chaperone my oldest's class trip to the Botanical Gardens.   Thank goodness I went because I swear if I didn't there would have been a good chance they would have boarded the bus without him. Dear lord.

Worked from home for the rest of the day.  Thankfully no homework tonight because I am solo since my husband is going out for dinner/drinks with friends tonight.

I am roasting some purple potatoes from the crop share and heating up the leftover beef stew that I froze after our Halloween dinner the other week.

I then plan to get the kids in the bath, clean up and then get some rest.

Get It Done Tip:  I have hard wood floors and for my first two years as a mom I was using a broom and dust pan like a fool after every meal and play doh mess.  I finally found this:

The Shark.  I charge it in my kitchen and use it probably 40 times a day.

I like to exaggerate.

In all seriousness I use it A LOT.  And it's the last thing I do as part of my nighttime clean up routine. It is light weight, cordless, bag less, inexpensive and keeps the place looking somewhat decent.  Highly recommend!

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