Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vegetable Lasagna and The Night Before First Grade

It was a nice Sunday.  My husband took the two older ones bike riding and I ran out quick to scope out the kid's summer clearance racks and get the boys a few Fall/Winter items at Lord and Taylor.

I kept the laundry going and decided to skip swapping out their Summer for Fall clothes for another week.

For dinner I made a big salad and a lasagna that my kids devoured.  My big boy had 4 adult-sized helpings and the baby ate 3 bowls full of it and after he ate each one he held out the bowl and hollered "more!".  

My middle guy was the only one who refused it and asked for cereal instead. I told him no he had to eat it. After a lot of back-and-forth I told him that if he eats two forkfuls I would get him cereal.  I loaded his fork up with spinach, sauce and a piece of noodle and he said "mmm" and ate almost everything else on his plate. Love it.

Like all my dinners I usually find the recipe weeks before they actually get on the dinner schedule since we have the meals planned a few weeks out.  I found this recipe back in the June edition of Good Housekeeping. 

They call it 3-Cheese Lasagna, but I call it Vegetable Lasagna because this isn't about the cheese -- I feel like I had a farmer's bounty in this!  Lots of nutrition for my little people.

Plus, I made the marinara from scratch Saturday - similar to the sauce I made the other week.  Took all of 20 minutes to wash and slice all the tomatoes and an eggplant from my garden + peppers, onion, garlic, carrots from my CSA. Tossed everything in the crock with a little red wine and jar of tomato sauce.  Pureed it all and used 1/2 of it in this recipe and froze the rest for another day. 

This lasagna came together so quickly. I prepped it while they were biking and baby was napping.  I didn't buy no boil noodles - instead I soaked the noodles in the hottest tap water for 15 minutes and then assembled as noted in the recipe. When it was show time I popped it in the oven to bake.  It's a keeper.

After dinner and clean up we marched everyone up for baths and bed.  I can't believe my (first) baby is going to start first grade tomorrow!  We read the book "Night Before First Grade" and he is fast asleep now. He is very worried about the "strict" teacher and "too much work".  :)

My middle one starts a 3-year old nursery school program and tomorrow I have to stay with him for 1/2 hour so he starts to feel comfortable with the new room and teacher for drop off on Wednesday.  

I found a recipe a few months ago that someone said they used to make often as an after school snack.  I baked the base of it tonight and am looking forward to surprising them with it tomorrow and hearing all about their day.

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