Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sundays are for Cooking

Today was a major cooking day in prep for the week ahead.  Specifically banana chocolate chip muffins for the kids to snack on during the week, tomorrow's dinner of chicken legs with rice and roasted veggies, stuffed pepper soup for lunch during the week (I will share recipe if it is good when I try it tomorrow for lunch!).

Sounds like a lot of time spent in the kitchen, but everything came together quickly.  The muffins were done in no time.  The soup I threw in the crock pot to cook and tomorrow's dinner I made in a casserole dish and popped in to bake.

My husband took his Dad fishing in the morning, so I took the 3 munchkins to piano lessons, Trader Joe's and to scope out some summer clearance items at a local store.

When we came home it was 11:15.  Seriously.  Even I couldn't believe it was still so early.

I put the baby down for a nap and sat outside with the big boys watching them play.  They even hopped in the pool for one last hurrah of Summer it was so warm.

My husband invited over his grandma for dinner and I made a pot roast in the oven with veggies cooked for a few hours in lots of red wine and seasonings.

For dessert I made an Apple Cinnamon Loaf. My two big boys loved it.  Reminded me of banana bread.  It was very moist and not too sweet.

That was pretty much the day here - mostly relaxing in between keeping things moving in the kitchen.
The one memorable moment is how much the baby is talking more and more and imitating everything the big boys do - it is a riot. He is even putting together little sentences.  Today he said "I want baba" and was pointing to the fridge.  When we put together the new double stroller he pointed to its cupholder and said "baba goes here".  So sweet.

Laundry is folded, dishwasher is on it's 4th and final run of the day and the school and work bags are packed.  Goodnight!

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