Friday, September 13, 2013


TGIFF.  Yes, that extra F is there on purpose.

Work was somewhat productive.

Flew out of there at 4 to hop the train home.

Gathered the kids and as soon as my husband walked in we packed them up into the car and met some friends and their 3 kids for dinner thanks to Groupon.

Had fun, but two courses is all the kids can handle, so we got out of there in the knick of time.

My husband helped with baths and now ran to his parents to help them with something quick.

The older two won't stop yapping despite my pleas to go to sleep already!

Tomorrow we have a birthday party for my son's school friend and Sunday piano and that's it.  Hopefully tomorrow morning I can bang out putting away summer clothes and unpacking Fall clothes for all 3 so I can move on.  I am not a fan of that event because it always seems so time consuming.

Get It Done Tip: I usually look at the weekends a month in advance to see what parties we have to go to and get the gifts and cards in order.  I then use one weeknight when the kids are in bed to wrap and prep everything.  The goal being not to have to stress about buying gifts and wrapping presents all the night before.

Just grabbed the bag for tomorrow out of my closet so we can just go when the time comes.

Have a great weekend!

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