Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicken Pot Pie

My day started at 5:45 AM with two kids bouncing on my bed.  5:55 the third one was taken out of his crib to join the fun.   No amount of Starbucks could keep my eyes from hurting all day.

My husband dropped my older son off with a bag of "asks" from the teacher.  When he handed it to the teacher her response was "my, someone is on the ball".  Love it. ;)

My husband had to work late so my mom bathed all three kids and they were in their PJs ready to roll - what a great surprise for me!   I shoveled in dinner quick and am now sitting next to my big boy while he does his homework and is yapping incessantly.

I just challenged him to see who could finish quicker to pick up the pace since I am beat.  He kept looking at where I am and telling me to look where he is so I finally told him to not pay attention to the competition and laser focus on his work to do it quickly and perfectly -- it worked. Yay.

I made dinner last night for tonight - Chicken Potpie.  I didn't read the recipe right and now realize I made one enormous pie instead of making two.  Crap.  Wish I read it right so I could have had one nice pie for the freezer. Oh well.

It was pretty good.  The kids loved it.

Get It Done Tip:  Finally have the weekly schedule for my older son's gym, Spanish, music, etc.  My son has a gym uniform he'll have to wear on Wed, so just marked my calendar with a reoccurring reminder Tues night and again Wed morning to remind me.  My calendar is polluted to the max with reminders as you'll see, but it's the only way I can keep it all straight!

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