Saturday, September 21, 2013

An All American Day: Apples + Football + Family

This day kicked off right after midnight with the baby screaming.  And he kept the party going all night long every few hours.  Must be teething.  Doesn't even register in my weary body anymore. 

My husband came home at some point instead of sleeping up in CT because he "missed us"....suspicious sounding.

And finally, an official kick off of the day was had at 7 AM.

I let my husband sleep and got the kids dressed, in the car and off to Starbucks we went for breakfast and my caffeine fix.  

We went to visit my grandmother for an hour. 

Then we went apple picking.  My husband met us and a good friend and her sister and kids came too.  I was a bit concerned that everyone kept telling me it was supposed to rain, but we lucked out without a drop.

How 'bout them apples

After apple picking my husband took the big boy in his car to his flag football practice and I took the little kids to BJ's to pick up some stuff we needed.

We got home and it was 1:30.  Kids were asleep so I sat outside and enjoyed the Fall breeze and relaxed a bit. 

We went to dinner at my in-laws and had a nice time. We were watching home movies when I told my middle guy that he needed to move because he isn't a window.  To which he responded indignantly "I know I am not a window. I am a man!".

We had a ham for dinner and I told my father-in-law he has to make this soup recipe with the ham hock:  It looks like a very boring recipe, but it is really so, so, good.  

Looking forward to making a dent in that pile of apples tomorrow!

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